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24/7 MEDICASE – Danish design pill box

24/7 MEDICASE is a lifestyle product that makes everyday life easier in a discreet and functional way.
The pill box consists of a solid and stylish outer box in contemporary colors. The 7 dosing boxes each with 4 fixed compartments ensure a good overview.
All pill box color variants are available with Danish, German or English text.

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Medicase Product Range

Sorting Pills in a Pill Box

Usage of a pill box provides good assurance that pills are taken as prescribed. The pill box may optionally be combined with a remember app, as described in our blog Remember Your Pills – Use Pill Box and Mobile App. Use of a pill box is time-saving as you avoid handling several different pill packs on a daily basis.

Pill Packs and Pill Box

Pills sorted for one week

24/7 Medicase is basically designed to contain pills for one week at a time with up to 4 daily dosages; e.g. morning, afternoon, evening and night. Please see the illustration below, where the order in which the pills are to be taken are indicated in each of the dispensers.Pill Box One Week

The first day of the new period is Monday in this example. Depending on the number of pills, sizes and the number of doses per day, it may alternatively be possible to use the pill box for 2 weeks or even up to 4 weeks.

Pills Sorted for 2 weeks

If you only take a few pills twice a day, e.g. morning and evening, it is an option to sort pills for 2 weeks. Below is an example.Pill Box Two Weeks

The numbers in the dispenser rooms show the order of pills to be taken in.

Pills sorted for 4 weeks

If you only take pills once a day, it may dependent on pill sizes and numbers be possible to sort pills for 4 weeks in our 24/7 Medicase pill box.

5 Steps For Packing a Pill Box

Below is a suggested guideline for sorting:

  1. Place pill packs and your pill box on a table.
  2. Check the number of pills and time they should be taken in your prescriptions. Decide if pills have to be sorted for 1, 2 or 4 weeks.
  3. Take the dispensers out of the pill box and slide all 7 lids out. (Always ensure a good hygiene when in contact with pills).
  4. Pack pills from one pill pack at a time. Check afterwards there is the correct amount of pills in all dispenser rooms. Repeat this until all pills are sorted.
  5. Slide lids on the dispensers and put them back in the pill box.

The pillbox is now ready for a new week, 14 days or 4 weeks period.

Remember Your Pills – Use Pill Box and Mobile App

The week pill box has a primary purpose, namely to ensure the right dose of medicine at the right time. It helps you to remember your pills to achieve the desired and greatest effect of the medicine. It can have harmful effects or less effect if the medicine is taken in the wrong amount or completely forgotten. When used directly from a pill bottle and other packaging doubts can arise about both quantity and timing. We therefore recommend that 24/7 Medicase is used. The dosage boxes / pill dispensers will show if the medicine is taken as planned.

Remember your pills with app

It is a global issue to remember Medicine

It is a global problem with major consequences that medicine is not taken as prescribed. This topic and guidelines are highlighted in several articles on the web; e.g. pharmacytimeswikihow and psychcentral. Even though daily intake is very individual and can be both once, twice or more times a day, the importance of remembering the medicine is common across national borders.

The extent of the problem has led to the development of various smartphone apps that send messages to the user when it is time for medicine. These apps can be downloaded from the Google App Store and iTunes. The combination of a week pill box and a pill reminder app is a good way to make sure reduce concerns related forgetting taking medicine at the right time.

Robotic technology is groundbreaking in these years. The future is therefore already tested with medical robots, which are set up in particularly challenged users’ homes and nursing homes. Prepackaged medicine bags are put in these and programmed to the individual’s needs and times. This technology is still in the startup phase, but will be a good help for caregivers and users who need extra care.

The 24/7 Medicase help you remember your Medicine

The mobile pill box, like 24/7 Medicase, is the most economical and easiest solution for a majority of medicine users. The pill box with basic principles such as functionality, safe storage and visibility is easy to use. When these principles are further developed and optimized, the pill box continues to be relevant.

24/7 Medicase is innovated with focus on good functionality and usability, combined with a durable, minimalistic and aesthetic design. The medicine storage is hygienic and safe, regardless of whether the pillbox is used at home, at work, on travels or somewhere else. The pill box is time-saving and provides peace in mind, as it is visible and clear whether the medicine is taken properly. It thereby helps remember your pills. Our pill box is designed for both the present and the future. An active choice for better health and harmony in everyday life.

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