byHALL comments to Covid 19

At this very moment, people all over the world are fighting Coronavirus. We all live under new conditions and our lives are suddenly completely changed. New countries “shut down” and other countries try to re-open.

For each individual it means a new everyday life. Can we leave the house, go to work, meet friends and family, attend funerals and weddings and dare we go out shopping and live life outside our home?

Covid 19

Regardless of nationality and where in the world we live, we must evaluate how best to protect ourselves against the coronary infection. If we already have a serious illness or are old age it is even more important to take our precautions, but only jointly can we minimize virus infections until a vaccine is available worldwide.

Fortunately, there is progress in the development of medicines for treatment and fortunately, the virus is returning in several countries, although new chains of infection are constantly emerging that lead to setbacks and shutdowns.

Many people have to stay home because of reduced immune system. In this difficult and therefore often lonely time, I send you all my best thoughts and wishes that we can move on with our life soon.

In these difficult times, we often learn to prioritize and value completely different aspects of our lives. Suddenly, the small daily things are of the greatest importance. Most importantly, however, is our body and soul health. Therefore, I wish all dealers, customers and users of our pill box extra good health and endurance, until the virus is eliminated.

Best regards,
Lone Hall
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