Decoration of Pill Box

Pill Box Gray White Decor

Hello Girls and Boys

You can decorate your very own extra nice pill box for your medicine with some nice drawings that you draw yourself with waterproof ink colors. You can also write your name on the pill box so everyone knows that this super box is yours. You probably have lots of good ideas for drawings. Waterproof stickers, which you think are very nice, can also be put on the pill box. You can possibly get an adult to help. Avoid to decorate the inside of the dosing boxes!

Pill Box Blue Decoration
Pill Box Rose with Butterfly
Pill Box Green Decoration
Pill Box Black with Bird

Have fun and please remember to take your medicine.

Best regards
Lone Hall

Practical information:

  • Use a waterproof marker for drawings. Draw freehand or use a drawing template.
  • Use waterproof stickers. These can be purchased in many places, but you can also make them yourself. For this you need a printer and waterproof self-adhesive transparent paper. Find a nice motif that suits your particular age and your pill box.
  • The idea is for users of all ages.
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