MEDICASE Pill Box – News of the Year

At the Health and Rehab Scandinavia 2018 fair at the Bella Center in May, 24/7 MEDICASE was included in the News of the Year 2018 exhibition.

Medicase Pill Box on News of the Year Display


24/7 MEDICASE is a unique and completely new contemporary pill box. It is developed with focus on stylish Danish design, good functionality combined with a selection of the new Nordic trend colors. The result is a week pill box with a very discreet and modern expression. Discretion in everyday products such as pillboxes is sought after and appreciated by many users. 24/7 MEDICASE is an active choice of functional Danish design in a healthcare product that we hope will add positivity in daily use.


24/7 MEDICASE is a universal product for the benefit and enjoyment of children and adults. The week pill box helps to ensure the daily and correct intake of medication in pill form, so the user is guaranteed the optimal effect of the medicine. 24/7 MEDICASE’s simple design ensures a good overview and good functionality. The pill box is easy to manage by the user or by a helper. byHALL’s pill box is a personal product that can be purchased to match color and language preferences.


We have developed the pill box in collaboration with industrial designer Rasmus Thygesen. In a thorough development process, quality has been incorporated into all the individual features through a coherent contemporary design. 24/7 MEDICASE is manufactured in durable, hygienic plastic and all parts are easy to clean. The material is lightweight and our discrete pill box is for use at home and on the go. The 24/7 MEDICASE is delivered in a gift box and is suitable for the gift segment.


We are proud of the fact that our quality pill box has been developed and is produced in cooperation with Danish companies. MV PLAST ApS in Randers has been an important business partner in the production development phase and accounts for the final production, packaging, etc. 24/7 MEDICASE is delivered in a nice gift box, produced by Lanng’s Emballage A/S.

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