New Pill Box in Sale Now

We are very pleased to present our pill box in a new design. The 24/7 MEDICASE has been developed and designed based on our customers’ and our own experiences, as users of pillboxes. These criteria’s and design ideas were input to an inspiring collaboration with industrial designer Rasmus Thygesen.

New Gray White Pill Box

Product Development of the Pill Box

The product development phase itself was both interesting and exciting. A pillbox is a very complex product. There are many considerations to take into consideration besides the functionality. We used the latest 3D print technology. This solution is time-saving and allows for adjustments before manufacturing of molds.

As material we have chosen recyclable plastic that is hygienic and easy to clean. At the same time, plastic is a strong and durable material that can later be reused for innovative recycling products.

In addition to design and functionality, we always focus on high quality in our products. We therefore have production of both packaging and our new 24/7 MEDICASE in Denmark.

24/7 MEDICASE – A Lifestyle Product

byHALL is pleased to receive many inquiries and positive statements from customers seeking discreet and contemporary pill boxes. We hope that the 24/7 MEDICASE will be an attractive, modern lifestyle product that will have a positive impact on the everyday lives of the users.

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