byHALL sells pill boxes to both Manhattan and Madrid

The Danish company byHALL, owned by the married couple Lone Hall Farsøe and Henrik Friis Farsøe, sells danish design pill boxes worldwide through Amazon. The company was established after Henrik suffered a heart attack, which made it necessary to take pill medication daily.

In 2018, the Køge company, byHALL, launched their newest pill box for sale on the internet giant Amazon’s platforms in Germany, England, Spain, Italy and France.

It has been a successful way to reach customers worldwide, and the company expects this sales channels to be one of the sources to continue growth of international sales.

The married couple Lone Hall Farsøe and Henrik Friis Farsøe are the owners of the company byHALL. In short, they got the idea for a design pill box after Henrik’s own heart attack.

Lone Hall Farsøe says:

A pill box is a useful tool if you have a daily medication need. It is very important that medication be taken as prescribed in the right amounts. We searched in vain for a discreet design pill box. We then decided to design and produce our own 24/7 MEDICASE pill box.

Amazon helps reach a lot of customers, but it requires an effort

It is the Internet that enables the company to connect with customers and users of their pill box. That is appreciated by the married couple. The most important part after getting the idea and turning it into a physical product has been the actual selling of the product.

byHALL utilizes Amazon’s “Fulfilment Center” facilities. They take care of order processing including delivery 7 days a week at freight prices that are below the Danish freight rates.

Using these facilities is however not completely straightforward. It e.g. requires VAT registration and ongoing settlement in the countries where byHALL has product stock at Amazon premises. That part is taken care of by the couple themselves, as well as the preparation of product descriptions, photos, customer service, inventory management and shipping of goods to Amazon’s warehouses. It all happens from the home address in Denmark.

Lone Hall Farsøe says:

– We are entrepreneurs as 60+ year olds. It is highly recommended. We are constantly learning new things and getting new experiences. It is a nice combination of new tasks and use of our experience. It’s certainly not always easy, so having faith in one’s idea and product is important. In fact, it is our customers’ positive feedback that gives us the most satisfaction.


byHALL Management

Facts about byHALL:

  • byHALL develops and manufactures pill boxes with a contemporary Danish design.
  • The company is established by the Køge married couple Lone Hall and Henrik Friis Farsøe.
  • byHALL’s products are made in Denmark.
  • Over the past year, the company has sold pill boxes to customers in the vast majority of countries in the EU, as well as in Canada and the United States.
  • The pill boxes are also sold through byHALL’s own webshop both to private customers and retailers in Denmark and abroad.
  •

Contact Information:

  • Lone Hall or Henrik Friis Farsøe, owners and founders of byHALL ApS, +45 5150 0007 / /


The above is mentioned in “ERHVERVSjælland” article on Thursday, October 10, 2019.

Article - selling pill boxes to Manhattan and Madrid

The article can be found online in ’ERHVERVSjælland’: on page 38:  ’ERHVERVSjælland’ is published together with the major Zealand newspapers such as Dagbladet, Sjællandske and NordvestNyt as well as in a number of weekly newspapers.

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