Sorting Pills in a Pill Box

Usage of a pill box provides good assurance that sorting of pills are done as prescribed. The pill box may optionally be combined with a remember app, as described in Remember Your Pills – Use Pill Box and Mobile App. Use of a pill box is time-saving as you avoid handling several different pill packs on a daily basis.

Pills sorted for one week

Pill Box One Week

24/7 Medicase is basically designed to contain pills for one week at a time with up to 4 daily dosages; e.g. morning, afternoon, evening and night. Please see the illustration above, where the order in which the pills are to be taken are indicated in each of the dispensers.

The first day of the new period is Monday in this example. Depending on the number of pills, sizes and the number of doses per day, it is alternatively possible to use the pill box for 2 weeks or even up to 4 weeks.

Pills Sorted for 2 weeks

Pill Box Two Weeks

If you only take a few pills twice a day, e.g. morning and evening, it is an option to sort pills for 2 weeks. Below is an example.

The numbers in the dispenser rooms show the order of pills to be taken in.

Pills sorted for 4 weeks

If you only take pills once a day, it may dependent on pill sizes and numbers be possible to sort pills for 4 weeks in our 24/7 Medicase pill box.

5 Steps For Packing a Pill Box

Below is a suggested guideline for sorting:

  1. Place pill packs and your pill box on a table.
  2. Check the number of pills and time they should be taken in your prescriptions. Decide if pills have to be sorted for 1, 2 or 4 weeks.
  3. Take the dispensers out of the pill box and slide all 7 lids out. (Always ensure a good hygiene when in contact with pills).
  4. Pack pills from one pill pack at a time. Check afterwards there is the correct amount of pills in all dispenser rooms. Repeat this until all pills are sorted.
  5. Slide lids on the dispensers and put them back in the pill box.

The pillbox is now ready for a new week, 14 days or 4 weeks period.

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