24/7 Medicase – Danish Design Pill Box for 7 Days

24/7 Medicase is a week pill box in a stylish Danish design. It is made in Denmark. The design ensures safe storage of pills and the correct amount of medication at the right time. byHALL’s pill box for 7 days is lightweight and discreet, which makes it ideal to use at home, at work, abroad, etc.

The 24/7 Medicase consists in addition to the 7 transparent dispensers/ dosing boxes, of a polished base while the lid has structure. The interaction between the glossy base and the matte lid is both stylish and elegant.


Pill Boxes and dispensers

Stacked Pill Boxes and Giftbox


The 24/7 Medicase Pill box – An active Choice of Positive Lifestyle

Globally, millions take medicine daily. 24/7 Medicase is universal with English, German or Danish text selection. Our pill box is delivered in a gift box and is perfect for the personal gift. byHALL’s pillboxes is an active choice of lifestyle that provides positivity and quality in everyday life.

24/7 Medicase Dusty Blue Pill Box for 7 days


Inspiration From the Nordic Nature

In Denmark we live in, out of and in the nature, which is reflected in our Nordic kitchen, in the art and in our housing design. Nature both inspires and heals when we are in it. In the north there are big contrasts between the winter’s darkness and the long bright summer nights. The “light” therefore plays a major role in our lives and for our health. With inspiration from the Nordic nature, we have chosen colors, shapes and contrasts for the 24/7 Medicase.

Pill Box Dusty Green for 7 days



With our quality pill box we want to offer a long-lasting solid product that can be used daily for the benefit of the individual user.

Plastic is a good, practical material and absolutely vital in the health sector for healthcare products including pill boxes.

For 24/7 MEDICASE we have chosen appropriate plastic types that make the box parts both extra solid and durable for use over a long period of time. In addition, the used plastic materials are very hygienic and easy to clean.

It is possible to recycle the materials when the product’s lifetime is over. It gives a good balance between consumption joy of the individual product both now and in the future.

Pill Box Rose Front Picture

In Denmark and many other countries, there is an extraordinary focus on plastic recycling possibilities in these years. The interest and production of both useful and creative products produced by recycled plastic is therefore increasing. The results are for the benefit of both the climate and us as consumers. The 24/7 Medicase is included in this life cycle, as the boxes can be granulated and reused for new products.



If you would like to please yourself or someone you love, then the 24/7 Medicase pill box is the perfect gift.

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It is delivered in a gift box and is ready as a gift for any occasion. Make everyday life positive with a 24/7 Medicase – the personal gift.
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Pill Box and Dispenser Sizes

Medicase Pill Box with Measures EN

The size of the pill box should match your needs and on this page you will find detailed information. We are many who take medicine daily. In doing so, we share the benefits of using a pill box, both in terms of storing the medicine and remembering to take it in the right doses, at the right times.
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White Gray Pill Box with Decor

Like adults, there are many children who need medication daily.
It is, of course, an adult who is responsible for ensuring that the child receives the medication, but the pill box can be the child’s own. Our 24/7 Medicase pill box is dedicated to all user groups and is designed to enable easy change the discreet appearance. Bring the game into the use of our pill box and make everyday life more fun for our “youngest users”.
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Sorting Pills in a Pill Box

Pill Packs and Pill Box


It is time-saving to use a pill Box and it also provides good assurance that pills are taken as prescribed.
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How to Remember Pills

Remember the Pills


The desired and greatest effect of medicine is achieved with the right dose of medicine at the right time. We recommend that 24/7 MEDICASE is used. The transparent pill dispensers will show if the medicine is taken as planned.
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24/7 Medicase Pill Box Special Edition. The colors of this 24/7 MEDICASE Pill Box are chosen with inspiration from the many color shades of the sea.

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